It has long been a tradition to go out with friends and find a woman's company for the evening. Everyone in the group works hard to make sure they look their best. A combination of impeccable grooming, a good opening line and scoring becomes a foregone conclusion. It is a sad fact that this is not always the case. Some men never seem able to close the deal. They are not always quite sure why this continues to plague them as their watch the chosen woman leave with another man.

The most likely cause of this phenomenon is nervousness. If a man has gotten shut down a few too many times, he eventually believes failure is inevitable. When he talks to women, he tries to project a good front. They see right through him and know something is wrong. Women are trained from an early age that a nervous man is not a good one. It doesn't matter how nice he looks or what he says. If he is nervous, the woman will avoid being alone with him.

Many women go out to bars, clubs or pubs because they want to have an adventure. Some want to be a bit naughty or have an experience out of the ordinary. They are looking for a non-judgmental man that is confident and will share an evening of pleasure. None of these women are looking for a man that might step over the line at any time. Nervousness is a good way to tell if a man might take that step.

There are some good ways to alleviate being nervous. Taking a few deep breaths often settles a person's nerves. Setting an easier goal of just getting a woman's number is another good step because there is not as much at stake. Over time, this will replace nervousness with confidence and make women more receptive.